Brazilian Fluid Concepts Class Library, etc.

June 20, 2007

Alexandre Linhares is teaching a seminar about Fluid Concepts, and has started a discussion on Google Groups related to the development of a general class library. It seems to be written in Delphi (Pascal) but I’m hoping he switches to Java. In any case, I think it’s long overdue and I’m looking forward to helping develop the library.

In other news, I just hauled another load of books over to my CRCC office. I have a ton of projects going on here over the summer, including recording people singing – it’s a melodic expectation experiment. We set up some recording gear and even recruited a few participants already. In parallel with the experiments, I’ll be working on my melodic expectation model, which I’ve named Musicat, to distinguish it from the older Seek Well programs and the Seek Well microdomain. Musicat uses an expanded version of the Seek Well domain to make things more musically plausible, at the expense of handling additional complexity. It’s a rather big “micro”-domain now.

In addition to those things, I’m working on an algorithm problem that came out of my music informatics research with Chris Raphael. I’m co-presenting a paper and a poster at ISMIR in Vienna this September, and this new problem will extend the work from the poster – it’s on automatic generation of fingerings for piano scores. It works surprisingly well. Also, I’m very pleased to be reviewing a draft of a new book by Dave Cope, and I’m curious to see how many of my suggestions end up getting incorporated into the published version; I’ve never done book reviewing/editing before.


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